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For nearly 20 years, Stapp Financial has been helping businesses and individuals in Washington State reach their financial goals by strategically managing the many components that can affect their financial status. Our staff includes experts in tax planning and compliance, payroll services, bookkeeping, investment management and financial planning. Our goal is to take a broad look at how these factors combine to paint your overall financial health.

From there, we help develop proactive plans that help clients build on their business or personal success by using proven methods that help reduce risk, decrease tax obligations and help clients retain more of what they’ve earned.

As a Next Generation Accounting Firm™, we offer a web-based client center to allow you to access your financial information any time that is convenient for you, whether it’s checking on payroll reports, retrieving a copy of tax documents, or monitoring planning documents. This system also helps us provide real-time virtual accounting services, making it easier for you to get back to the business you love.

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